Here’s the Video Link & Stills From Arthur Author, 100SmallFires & His Book, My Masterpiece

Arthur Author, soon to be famous writer of his novel, “My Masterpiece.”




Here’s the link to our Youtube video where Arthur Author uses 100 Small Fires To Make Your Book Sales BLAZE! help him convince the Dude, a Reluctant Reader, to buy and read his book, My Masterpiece:

 As promised, find below some of the more interesting photos and stills from the production of the video, 100SmallFires, Arthur Author & His Book – My Masterpiece.

In the header above, find our opening image for the Indiegogo video, and below is our second slide where we introduce our story idea.

 The rest of the video is about Arthur’s lack of success convincing Reluctant Readers to read his book until he adopts some of the marketing ideas included in 100 Small Fires To Make Your Book Sales BLAZE!  When he’s ready to give up, he falls asleep and meets The Ghost of Authors’ Past. Here’s a couple of stills from that meeting:


 Following the advice of the Ghost, Arthur consults 100 Small Fires To Make Your Books Sales BLAZE!

 Using what he learns there, he succeeds in convincing a Reluctant Reader.

 And all ends well.  We’ve told a story, and hopefully made a sale in a fun, but non-intrusive way.












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