Revised & Updated & Now Available in Paperback Format!

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We’ll we did it! Our second edition of 100 Small Fires to Make Your Book Sales BLAZE! is on sale now. It’s fully up-dated and revised… and out in paperback format!

Check it out on Amazon, here: 100 Small Fires to Make Your Book Sales BLAZE!

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Written by tkread

TK Read works by day as an attorney and mediator. She’s the mother of three, and uses her young adults as background research for her books. In the wee hours of the morning before the rush of the day, she downs coffee and chocolate and writes young adult thrillers and middle grade fantasies. A life long student, she also signs up for just about every class she can fit in her schedule – that way when her kids are doing homework, she can work on her own. When she’s not writing, she’s reading all the fiction she can load onto her Kindle, running slowly for miles and miles, painting portraits, and messing around in the dark alleys and back streets of the Net. The next time your computer crashes while you’re watching a YouTube video, you might want to blame her.
With her sister, Kathleen Vrona, TK’s written 100 Small Fires To Make Your Book Sales Blaze. Using it as a resource she’ll be self-pubbing one of her middle grade novels. You can read about her efforts on this blog. To read more about TK’s other endeavors, check out, or

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